Bird Dogs Hunt Up Shed Antlers

Most any bird dog can also make a good shed-antler-hunting dog in spring. And they’ll always prefer hunting birds come fall.By Patrick Durkin

If you’re looking for a fun-offseason hobby, and your gun dog loves retrieving anything it can mouth and carry, consider training it to find shed antlers.

In fact, if your dog excels at finding cast-off antlers, you might want to enter it in competitions run by the North American Shed Hunting Dog Association. NASHDA’s annual events resume in April, and feature some of the nation’s top four-legged shed hunters.

Let’s pause for those with no idea what they’re reading. In hunters’ shorthand, cast antlers are called “sheds.” Males in the deer family – elk, moose, caribou, mule deer and white-tailed

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Buy and Sell Hunting Dogs