Birds and Bucks – How to Have Both

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By Jim Wooley, Pheasants Forever Senior Field Biologist (Emeritus)

Folks who acquire land for upland bird hunting often have a secondary motive, and usually that’s white-tailed deer. We regularly discuss strategies here to increase your bird numbers. Here’s how to put a little deer spin into your habitat enhancement program.

Like most wildlife, whitetails prefer a habitat smorgasbord with sunshine. This means that gangbuster gamebird cover in relatively open country works well. Odds for harvesting your wall-hanger (or my personal trophy – a yearling doe) increase as you diversify bird habitat.
Here’s a little planning trick to figure improvements for your target species: Consider home range along with habitat needs. Pheasant and quail home ranges are small. Deer can be roamers, but will

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Buy and Sell Hunting Dogs

Buy and Sell Hunting Dogs