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: 417-776-7288
: Seneca, Missouri
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: $ 3,000.00

Any dog bought from Stoneface is under a contingency warranty. As long as the dog is kept with the "Stoneface" prefix to his registered name and is taken care of by the Stoneface standard you can talk to us at any time about returning the dog for a refund or replacement.

Remi was born on June 26, 2016 and is house broke, leash broke, will come when hes called at no problem. Hes a wonderful house dog that causes no problems in the home and loves attention. He has an off switch when hes taken in from the field and curls in a ball to sleep. Very well mannered in all aspects.

In the field Remi is an outstanding dog. He has a natural inclination to retrieve with a soft mouth, has a natural inclination to honor another dog on point and is developing into a big running dog covering 200-300 yards at this point in his development with casts of up to 600 yards. He is impossible to lose in the field remaining entirely silent and he changes direction on queue. He has contacted wild birds several times in Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas and will absolutely be a great wild bird dog.

Hunting over Remi is a wonderful thing with him striking poses and pointing with a high head and high tail. Hes an exceptionally nice looking dog.

Remi would undoubtedly be an exceptional NSTRA, walking American Field or AKC trial competitor and would have prospects as a horseback dog if put with the right trainer.
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  • Great Looking Dog by Howard Fields
    I have always been a great admirer of your dogs. Do you train all the dogs yourself?
    Posted on 02/08/2017 at 02:44:25
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