Upland Gamebirds Forever

Pheasants Forever’s work benefits gamebirds far beyond roosters, as proven by these 7 examplesBy Chad Love

Quickly now. Name all the upland gamebird species Pheasants Forever benefits, both directly and indirectly, through habitat work, conservation advocacy and education efforts.

If you said just “pheasants” you’d be wrong. Very wrong.

From the shortgrass prairies of the Southern Plains and the sagebrush steppes of the Interior West to the thick marshes and dense coverts of the Upper Midwest to the piney woods of the Southeast, PF’s impact reaches far beyond its namesake bird.

“We want to be true to our core, but our mission says ‘and other wildlife,’ and we’re thrilled to help other upland gamebirds when we can benefit pheasants and quail too,” says Ron Leathers,

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Buy and Sell Hunting Dogs