Taking out a listing for a hunting dog puppy, hunting dog trainer, breeder or a kennel is easy if you follow the directions below.

How to Place an Ad

  1. Register on site
  2. Go to Place Ad and Select Category (Breeder, Supplies, Type of dog etc)
  3. Select type of ad- Regular, Featured, Unlimited Subscription
  4. Create Ad, Upload Photos
  5. Make sure you check Finished at end of uploading photos
  6. Check out (if you have a coupon code make sure you type it in coupon box and hit Apply)

Changing Password

  1. Log in
  2. Hover mouse on Buy and Sell Dogs in upper left hand corner of site
  3. You will see Dashboard – click on Dashboard and go to Profile
  4. Scroll down on Profile and you will see field to change password

Tips for Creating Good Ads

  1. Make ad descriptive
  2. Provide good contact info
  3. Post photos of dogs in action. If he is pointer – show him pointing, retriever- show him retrieving
  4. Photos should be of all angles (face, side, both sides)


Buy and Sell Hunting Dogs

Buy and Sell Hunting Dogs