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Get your dog under control this hunting season by using one of our Whether you just got your new pup or if you have a tried and true veteran, this site allows you to buy hunting dog supplies at every step of the game. If you are just starting out you may need a few essential items to get started. If you own a pointing dog pup you may need to purchase items such as:

Check List for Hunting Season:

  • Good collar
  • Check cord
  • Retrieving Dummy
  • Bird Launcher
  • Remote Training Collar/Beeper

There may be other items that you need but these will be the basics. Look around at the Featured Items on the Home page or the Shop page to see what is best suited for your individual needs. Buy what you need and can afford and then as time  goes on get what you truly deserve. Many trainers suggest working with your dog 15 – 20 minutes 3 or 4 times per week as a pup. Don’t overdo it….quit on a good note and always have fun.

If you are just getting started and want to find the dog of your dreams look at some of the classifieds on our Browse Ads and contact some of the breeders. Your hunting dog and your hunting dog supplies will be long time investments so think about what your goals are before making any substantial purchases. If you have a family you may want to consider what they prefer as well. Having the whole family buy in to the hunting dog you want will be a plus. If you have kids let encourage them to watch you train and work with the dog. If you decide to let them help it is always a good idea to have everyone be on the same page. We are hoping to be able to offer you the opportunity to purchase a great hunting dog and great hunting dog supplies. 

You want your dog to be a Free Thinker…you just want him under CONTROL!

Buy any product during over $100 and you can UNLIMITED FEATURED ADS for ONE ENTIRE YEAR!

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Buy and Sell Hunting Dogs

Buy and Sell Hunting Dogs