Small Munsterlander

Hunting with Small Munsterlander’s

The Small Munsterlander is a great hunting dog for nearly any type of prey. It will be able to catch a scent and track it to its prey, point to show you where the prey is, and retrieve it after you take your shot. They really are excellent hunting companions as they can do it all. The small munsterlander is a hunting dog that has been highly sought after in Europe for many years but has only recently come to the United States. This hunting dog is great for tracking, pointing and retrieving, as well as being very friendly as a family dog. To find Small Munsterlander’s for sale you can Browse Ads on Buy and Sell Hunting Dogs.


This is a medium sized dog with a deep chest and long thick hair. It is important to frequently brush your dog, especially after they have been out hunting with you, to prevent matting. These dogs also have droopy ears that must be kept clean and dry to prevent infection. They have varied coloring, but usually tricolor or bicolor.


Small Munsterlander’s are one of the healthiest hunting dogs that you can get. These dogs are not prone to hereditary diseases and health problems like most full breed dogs. However, you do have to worry about hip dysplasia as they get older. It is important to exercise your dog frequently to prevent weight gain and keep them in optimum health. Routine vet visits and screenings are also important.


These dogs are extremely friendly and playful. They love to get lots of exercise. They are also lovers of people in general, and love to be indoors with the family. These dogs are great with children and are extremely loyal and companionable. They are also highly intelligent and very easy to train, especially if you start training at a young age.


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