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The Boykin Spaniel was originally bred in South Carolina for use in hunting wild turkeys in the 19th century. These dogs are fiercely loyal as many spaniels are. They are also very good for hunting in different climates, including marshes. These dogs became known for their versatility, retaining the flushing abilities of a spaniel. Boykins are also adept at water retrieving, driving  and tracking. The breed does not boykin spanielpoint, but flushes. They have excellent stamina and can hunt upland game even in hot weather. Their forte, however, is retrieving waterfowl. One of the best ways to find a Boykin Spaniel for hunting is by visiting Buy and Sell Hunting Dogs and Browse the Ads. Check out the  individual ads to find the dog that is right for you!


Boykin Spaniels are a medium sized dog. They are larger than cockers but more compact than springer spaniels. They have a solid brown coat that works as great camouflage while out hunting in the woods and marshes. They have large feathery ears and a thick long coat. Some Boykin Spaniels have webbed toes that are great for entering the swamps.


Boykin Spaniels are very healthy and active dogs. You should watch your dog’s diet because these dogs are prone to becoming overweight. It is also important that they are exercised frequently and thoroughly. However, some Boykin spaniels are prone to collapse from over exertion, so be sure to watch your dog for signs of tiring.


The Boykin spaniel was developed to hunt wild turkey in the wilds of South Carolina. They work well for hunting other birds as well, although the wild turkeys that are found in the swamps and marshes of the state are really where this dog will shine. They work well to both flush out and retrieve wild turkeys and other birds. To find a good dog from hunting stock make sure you buy from a Boykin Spaniel Breeder from a long line of hunting stock.


Boykin spaniels are very loyal and companionable dogs. They are also extremely intelligent and easily trained. These dogs can also be very playful, and they are great with kids and small or large families. Getting a Boykin spaniel as a puppy and raising it with your own commands is the best way to make sure that the dog makes both a good hunting companion and a good companion for your family.

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