Top Hunting Dogs

{Top Hunting Dogs} Owning a top hunting dog increases the chances of a fun and successful hunting endeavor. Top hunting dogs can be hard to find at times. The best dogs are a combination of breeding and training. No dog comes directly out of the womb knowing how to handle canny upland birds or feisty […]

English Pointers

[Hunting with English Pointers]   The English Pointer is the most well-known hunting dog in the States. Its rich history goes back to at least the Civil War, possibly as far back as Colonial America. These dogs are so popular that a silhouette of the English Pointer has been the logo for the AKC since […]

Training Coonhounds

[How to Train Coonhounds] Training coonhounds is a lot like training kids. You have to be able to let them become independent thinkers through trial and error. Will they make mistakes along the way? Of course, but learning and growing from these mistakes is what makes them become wiser over time. I define wisdom as […]

Treeing Walker

[Hunting with Treeing Walkers] The Treeing Walker is another breed of coonhound. It is much friendlier and calmer than most coonhound breeds, and as such makes a great house pet in addition to a good hunting dog. These dogs are fiercely loyal and make great companions for both the young and the old. If you […]


Redbone The Redbone Coonhound is a beautiful dog with excellent tracking abilities. These dogs are fiercely loyal and will follow commands easily. They also make excellent family pets, so you can rest assured that your children and family are safe when the dog is not doing its business of hunting. Appearance The Redbone Coonhound is […]

Boykin Spaniel

[Boykin Spaniel for Hunting] The Boykin Spaniel was originally bred in South Carolina for use in hunting wild turkeys in the 19th century. These dogs are fiercely loyal as many spaniels are. They are also very good for hunting in different climates, including marshes. These dogs became known for their versatility, retaining the flushing abilities […]

Bluetick Coonhound

[Bluetick Coonhound Supplies] The Bluetick Coonhound is a good dog for a family who likes to hunt. These descendants of bloodhounds are very excellent trackers. The Bluetick dogs are even more friendly than other coonhounds, making them excellent family pets. Bluetick Coonhounds are bred to be hunting dogs and although they can live around the […]

Black and Tan Coonhound

[Black and Tan Coonhound Facts] The Black and Tan Coonhound is one of the best hunting dogs you can have. These hounds are like a nose with a dog attached as an afterthought. They are great for sniffing out cold trails and leading you to your prey. They also make good family dogs. These dogs […]

Small Munsterlander Pointer Breeder Info

The Small Munsterlander Pointer, one of the four original versatile hunting breeds, is a wonderful all-around gun dog and household companion. The Munster (pronunciation: ‘mün-str)(loosely: ‘moon-stur) can efficiently carry out the duties of a pointer and retriever of both fur and feathered game from land or water. With an increase in the number of hunters and hunting enthusiasts, and […]

Spring 2019 UA Kitchen: Pheasant Empanadas

By UA Staff on January 9, 2019 An excerpt from the UA Kitchen…Bird season may be over for most of us unless you have a trip planned to hunt in South America this spring. The upland bird of choice there is likely perdiz, and it is hunted in the vast grasslands behind pointing dogs. It’s […]

Spring 2019 Feature: Will More Rabbit Feet Lead to Good Luck for Southern New England Grouse?

Home   >   Spring 2019 Issue   >   Spring 2019 Feature: Will More Rabbit Feet Lead to Good Luck for Southern New England Grouse? By UA Staff on January 9, 2019 By Edward Ricciuti An excerpt…Southernmost New England’s moribund ruffed grouse population could use a major hurricane on the order of 1938’s calamitous […]

UA Winter 2018 Issue

An excerpt from John C. Gosselin’s Publisher Note…Welcome to our Winter 2018 issue! As many of you doubtless know, 2018-2019 represents the 100th anniversary of pheasant hunting in the state of South Dakota. While everyone has their own special areas or favorite places to hunt, and while everyone has their own preferred upland species they […]

Buy and Sell Hunting Dogs

Buy and Sell Hunting Dogs