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The Treeing Walker is another breed of coonhound. It is much friendlier and calmer than most coonhound breeds, and as such makes a great house pet in addition to a good hunting dog. These dogs are fiercely loyal and make great companions for both the young and the old. If you have a family and enjoy hunting on occasion, these are great dogs to have.

Treeing Walker coonhounds were originally bred to hunt raccoons. However, they make good hunters for other game as well such as deer, Treeing Walkersbears, and mountain lions. They have a very distinctive voice that the owner can recognize over long distances to catch up to the dog and the prey. They also have a short chop when they are treed. Treeing Walkers are one of the most popular coonhounds to own and the most common to see at coonhound hunting events. Some feel that they are one of the easiest coonhounds to train to hunt. Learning the basics of training coonhounds to hunt is essential to having fun afield.


The Treeing Walker can look similar to the black and tan coonhound, in that it can have black and tan coloring in a short and glossy coat. These dogs usually have a tricolor or bi color pattern. They are medium-large dogs and very muscular.


Treeing Walker coonhounds can live to be upwards of 12 years of age. These dogs are generally healthy and have few health concerns. Like all full breed dogs, they are prone to hip dysplasia, especially in old age. They are not as prone to eye problems as some other coonhounds. These dogs also have a tendency to ignore injuries while they are hunting, so you need to watch your dog closely to make sure you stop them before they become seriously injured.


Of all the coonhounds, the Treeing Walker coonhound is the most friendly and the most calm. Their primary purpose is as a hunting dog, but if you have a family they will do well as an indoor pet during the off season. They are very good with small children and will help be a companion to your children and family during the months when it is not hunting.

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