Inside Autumn UA 2018

Inside the Upland Almanac Autumn 2018 issue, enjoy a collection of art and personal stories in our Day’s End section with contributions from Jerry Dennis and Paul Tunkis.

With this issue Timothy C. Flanigan, John N. Felsher, Jeff Nedwick and David Books provide the 2018 Scout Report. John N. Felsher shares what Alabama is doing to restore wild quail populations. Alan Liere talks about wandering the rim of a chukar canyon in Oregon’s Owyhee River. Ken Bailey takes us to Alberta for sharp-tailed grouse and the Hun or grey partridge.

Alec Sparks discusses retrieving training. Walt Cottrell, DVM shares causes for coughs and skin rashes in active hunting dogs.

Bryan Bilinksi writes about cross-eye dominance and Ernie Foster shares some

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Buy and Sell Hunting Dogs

Buy and Sell Hunting Dogs