Quail Classic Highlights for the Quail Hunter

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So you can’t wait to attend the 2019 Pheasant Fest and Quail Classic Feb. 22-24 at the Schaumburg Convention Center, but you’re not terribly interested in pheasants because you’re a dyed-in-the-wool hunter of the true king of gamebirds – quail.

Well, never fear, because there’s a good reason it’s also called the “Quail Classic.” In fact, there’s so much quail-related, quail-centric, and quail-exclusive things to do, see, and watch at this year’s event you’ll forget all about that “Pheasant Fest” part of the show. So if you’re more interested in staunch pointers and covey rises than labs and cackling roosters, here are just a few of the many quail-specific events, exhibitors, and activities. 

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